“The Biden-Harris ticket is this, then. Yesteryear’s neoliberalism versus today’s American Nazism. It’s a return to the recent past versus the anti-future. That’s better than nothing, it’s very true. It’s one of solving the problem of a dystopia — let’s go back to the time just before things got really bad.”

Biden-Harris can be an electoral transition to what needs to be a cultural paradigm shift in the United States. In this moment in history, we need to see those as distinct and also as intimately intertwined. Without electoral change, the cultural gets worse; without the cultural change, the electoral outcome is irrelevant.

B-H are as good as it gets right now, and both are smarter, more experienced, and infinitely more qualified than the man who hijacked a democracy. Those of us on the ground who understand the work that needs to be done to orient this country back to democracy also understand that we need the nourishment that a tiny little bit of hope provides right now, and Kamala Harris is it.

We can choose to live in the story that inevitably leads to global annihilation or we can choose to live in stories that lift us above those logical givens and help us imagine, live in, and embody the relational and electoral democratic possibilities that can change those givens for the better.

We need both narratives, but we must protect ourselves and our work from inevitability patterns that form when the story that dominates stays too long in brutal actuality. Living in healthy possibilities is infinitely more humane, productive, and beautiful, and the communication patterns formed in those conditions create the social soil necessary to nourish the efforts, especially since the election process and its outcome will test this country to its core.

"Good enough" in this case is not just an acceptance of something less than we'd ordinarily demand. B-H "good enough" RIGHT NOW is the potential of something much more progressive LATER, once the detritus from the catastrophic crash that has been this administration is cleared.

Thank you, as always, for your work, umair.

SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project relationaldemocracy@gmail.com IG @dr.cbg

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