"But now the Democrats have caught the tune and returned to their post-9/11 calls for heightening the “war on terror”. Joe Biden has already made it clear that he intends to answer these calls. He has named the rioters “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists”, both terms used to designate those whose civil liberties the state is openly allowed to violate. He has declared he will make it a priority to pass a new law against domestic terrorism and has named the possibility of creating a new White House post to combat ideologically inspired violent extremists.

These moves are not to be taken as empty threats by Biden. All the pieces are in place for him to attempt to unite the parties by being a “law and order” president and effectively crush any social movement that opposes the status quo. Much of the Patriot Act itself was based on Biden’s 1995 anti-terrorism bill, and Biden would go on to complain that the Patriot Act didn’t go far enough after a few of his provisions to further increase the power of police to surveil targets were removed."

Your over-reaction to what are essentially disorganized, under-resourced scattered illegal right-wing militia is precisely the kind of HARDENED response that ESCALATES repression of ALL protestors and those who dissent. THINK UMAIR: the U.S. is not like your country of origin. It may look similar, but the illegal militia in the U.S. are not an actual threat to the U.S. without the stolen power of the Presidency. That is going away, even though it seems scary because the tyrant is going to make it scary.

Stop being so damn scared, Umair. You are making things worse.


SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project relationaldemocracy@gmail.com IG @dr.cbg

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