From the beginning, marginalized groups have been the 45th and the authoritarian GOP's targets. All that trauma vandalism: the snowflake bullshit, the "special" rights garbage, the "losers" and "crybaby" shit. It created conditions in which these kinds of decisions seem "okay" to the majority of Americans.

And bringing this topic up--any topic about LQBTQ+, BIPOC, poor and working class people, exploited elders, the disabled, and children--is going to become tiresome for many who want to "get back to normal" (oh, the myth of the return is working overtime in many straight white Americans' minds) and not have to think about the carnage. That they can choose not to think about the decimation of processes and systems that literally protect lives and can avert their eyes so those human beings don't exist in their world, THAT is privilege.

It's going to be a battle on the ground going forward, interpersonal interaction to interpersonal interaction; professional interaction to professional interaction. The state does not have marginalized people's backs. None of them. It's up to those who exist inside the margins to stand tall and share your power with those on the outside.

That's what democratic humans do.

Thanks for the post, James.

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