Georgia WAS the Last Way In for the 45th

“The disproportionate power granted to rural Americans ― who are far more likely to be old, white and conservative than other voters ― in the Senate is arguably the key fact of American political life.”

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The Senate’s rural bias allows conservatives to control American politics with a minority coalition and leaves voters of color voiceless. Democrats need to overcome it before they can change it.

Former President Barack Obama shared a similar message last week on a Zoom call with Warnock and Ossoff supporters. “This is not just about Georgia,” Obama said. “This is about America, and this is about the world.”

“High Black voter turnout is essential to a Democratic victory,” said Andra Gillespie, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta. “If their turnout rate is lower than it is for other groups … that’ll help dig a hole that Democrats won’t be able to dig out of.”

Can’t participate in a democracy if you are struggling and all your energies are going into avoiding homelessness and buying food to eat. That’s awfully fucking convenient, isn’t it.

I hope the good people in Georgia have enough to eat and a place to call home. I hope they are safe. I hope someone is making sure that those they love are safe. The Black voters in Georgia have a crucial job to do: blocking another access point into our democracy to the authoritarians trying to force their way in. Without consent.

I hope that the good Georgians can participate fully in the run-off, even as the authoritarians who’ve hijacked the democracy— the 45th, the GOP voters, and the GOP — try to steal as much power as possible from them before the election by withholding the basic means to live.

Cathy B. Glenn, Ph.D. is an independent critical researcher, creative, and cultural worker whose areas of expertise are power, culture, and change. Formerly Private Principal Investigator for The Center for U.S. Rural Cultures Studies, she is now Educational Content Director and Developer for The Relational Democracy Project. She spent 5 years functionally outside capitalist demands, documenting the experience, and it changed her fundamentally as a human being. She is available to consult.

Feel free to use this content, with attribution.

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SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project IG @dr.cbg

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