Great article, Shanna!

There's a whole philosophy of the body in that sentence!

Listening is about sharing power. It's one of the practices that constitute a power-sharing relational orientation. My work supports yours, that this orientation is the healthiest way to move forward through the world, fully embodied. It is democratic.

Control is about the theft of power from one to enlarge the power of the other--mind over body, for instance. Practices that exert control-over constitute a power-stealing orientation. I've found this unhealthy relational orientation creates severe power imbalances (i.e., MIND vs. body.) It is authoritarian.

Thanks for the democratic work, Shanna--it makes room for EVERYONE to generate and maintain healthy forward momentum, and is especially timely and useful!

SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project IG @dr.cbg

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