Great post Douglas--convention is the culprit and we need to stop propping it up.

And, I think if you’re being totally accurate, you watch because you’re addicted to the spectacle and deep down, want to see the catastrophe. The red flags have been flying from the beginning, but lots of us get off on blowing past them and toward the drama they represent. It makes for clickable posts and getting paid. (Again, capitalist pressure.)

It’s going to take some time, effort, and real commitment to wean off of the 4 years’ ingestion of a drug to which so many in this country have become deeply addicted: consumption of toxic information in the guise of entertaining storytelling.

Now that there are no more debates (and that might actually mean no more pretending we live in a democracy), it feels like a call to stop watching them is a bit self-serving and way way way late. “Better late than never, and at least we squeezed as many words as possible out of the spectacle while it lasted,” they announce proudly as they check the totals in the partner program.

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