How Authoritarianism Found Me

Or, A Little of What Happened When I Invested Everything in 5 Years of Time

looking out the front window onto the driveway in cave junction, oregon. january 1, 2017, (@hathawayhouse)
the 30-year storm: the sun didn’t make more than a few appearances for 6 months, from november until april.
jan 3, 2017: drought-ravaged tree falls on the cottage, bounces, crushes the passenger’s side of the new RAV, which sits for two weeks until i finally drive it into grants pass myself, with a hole in the windshield. i find out that even in an emergency, almost no one will come to this zip code.
field notes, december 2016
bottom of the cave junction property, the holiday motel on the redwood highway looking toward selma and grants pass
the seasonal runoff “crik” on the property
making snow angels while buried under it for weeks
pink lights in a hypermasculinist monochrome green-gray culture lit up sparkles’ and my little world for awhile
painting and starting sparkles’ grass garden in the spring
the sea ranch research site and one of the center’s cultural work projects
view from the side of the sea ranch research site toward a foggy ocean. i maintained the grasses myself using a push mower and clippers to protect the habitat, food, shelter, and safety of the other animals who lived in them. also used an electric chainsaw to clear out a decade old downed pine and cypress tangle in the back where garbage had accumulated
grounds of the 3.6 acre cave junction property; path headed toward the redwood highway

The Relational Democracy Project will serve as the new vehicle for sharing findings and other work.

SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project IG @dr.cbg

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