I won't argue with you. I don't argue, even though you've read my response in an adversarial frame. I understand: seems everyone is locked in a frame where arguing rather than understanding drives the conversation.

Your argument is valid, but I know you'll bristle at my acknowledgment of it. My contribution to the conversation is to point out the difference between oppression and suffering. Oppression occurs in practices, and those poisonous practices are rained down on Black women in much more quanitity than White women.

Suffering is a result of those poisonous practices, and the experience of suffering is universally the same for all humans and other beings. Pain is pain, regardless of what practices cause it. It's part of what connects us as humans.

I realize you're not interested in connection, though, particularly with White women. Your outright rejection of my contribution creates a significant barrier to a healthy relation between us in this context. Still, until we can see that enduring imbalanced power relations connects all of us who are subject to those practices, we won't move ahead together. Perhaps that's your point.

For me, I'll keep working to make it possible for all of us to move forward together. It is the only democratic way.

Happy 2021!

Written by

SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project relationaldemocracy@gmail.com IG @dr.cbg

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