Thanks for the insights, Jill!

The reason it's hard to feel "happy" (I'm overwhelming relieved, not "happy" yet, either) is because we've all been oriented so long to expect the worst, to look endlessly for answers by over-consuming social media and other information sources, and to speaking out in critique. From that posture--a flinching and fighting position held for 4 years--it's a stretch to stand up straight, with hope, and walk forward in happiness.

We all need to be mindful of how our adversarial frames have affected our everyday relations among us. We need to let go of the need for more and more and more information and analysis from media sources. We need to let our emotions move through us, whatever they are. We need to balance critique with support and encouragement for progress made toward repairing the democracy. Then, we need to stand up and get to work, happy or not.

Our happiness about this narrow victory will be found in collectively doing the job that most needs doing now: understanding, addressing, and healing the damaged human relations between us.

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