Thanks for your post, Jordan. It's a post I wanted to write, but thought the last thing anyone needs is a privileged white woman critiquing Black elites.

Like you point out, it's about capitalist practices and norms that are internalized and adopted by Black elites--or any other human or group--and that actively undermine democratic norms. (

(Just a note about the Obama-45th comparison. Barack Obama was not a saint: he was the very first Black man to occupy the Office of the President. He did it without cheating. To expect him to change a 2)0+ year old system and processes and all those interactions with all those racist white politicians in just 8 years is asking the impossible. Sure, we can be pissed that the man we voted for didn't implement everything we hoped he'd change. But neither of us understands the day-to-day micro-aggressions, gaslighting, and fierce passive aggression from old white men and women he had to endure to do his job. Just because he was POTUS doesn't mean he avoided that relational goo, something no white President has every had to deal with. Just saying: there is absolutely no measure that puts Obama on par with the 45th. None.)

Thanks for an engaging, important, and thought-provoking piece.

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