This post and your approach and assumptions provide the basis for a circular firing squad. After all of the authoritarian moves the GOP has made, your aim is at DEMOCRATS. It'll get you rage clicks and claps from those who are indiscriminately mad at everyone, but the thrust of your post just muddies the water, putting the GOP on the same level as Dems. Granted, when it comes to capitalist concerns, both elite parties fall short. Still, the lack of sophistication and distinction between the two parties in your analysis with respect to negotiations for relief is flat out irresponsible--it is as damaging as the misinformation spread by GOP operatives.

This is what you're missing, Lauren: Everything around the dems the last 4 years threatens their whole world if they rock the boat. It is an extremely dysfunctional environment. It's not just politics: it's interpersonal warfare against anyone who speaks up.

The poisonous authoritarian relational culture in which the dems are working is like nothing you've ever experienced. I have, and I can tell you firsthand that your assumption that the dems can just take control by using the tools available to them is deeply naive and uninformed. There is no control with any conventional tools because the country and its processes have been hijacked by an authoritarian and his "team." Your blame-game certainly does generate clicks and claps, and I guess that's the objective for most writers on Medium, at the expense of a real understanding of what the dems continue to endure as they try to work.

The 45th achieved his intimidation objectives: no one will question him or those he’s using. That’s a very hard relational environment to slog through, especially when the POTUS — who’s never done his job — sits in back rooms trying to recruit conspiracy theorists to overthrow the U.S. election. When he tries to use effing martial law to take the democracy by force. That negotiations have continued in those circumstances is extraordinary. And flat out terrifying. Posts like this don't help.

I'm someone in dire need of a $2000 check, too. In a few days, I won't have enough to pay rent. My anger, however, is directed exactly where it should be: at the authoritarian GOP. I'll be on the phone, deep canvassing again tomorrow and the next day to flip the Senate. I hope, along with your posts blaming the dems, you are also taking actual concrete steps to move us back in the direction of democracy, Lauren.

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SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project IG @dr.cbg

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