This is actually where hope exists that the soft coup doesn't have the bones to stand up and become a hard coup. Even though the cultural conditions ( it possible to hijack a democracy without the use of force, the 45th may not be able to keep that power using force if a militia infrastructure doesn't exist in either law enforcement or the military.

(This morning’s Guardian, however, made that hope sputter: “German’s work for the Brennan Center, drawing on FBI policy documents, has pointed out that white supremacist and anti-government groups often have “active links” with law enforcement officials.

Cells of white nationalists exist in both, but no one has found that those cells are organized enough to launch a successful coup. Most likely, there will be pockets of violence, but not a full armed coup.

Good news is that Biden is taking it seriously and being vocal to keep those channels open to him and to his team and public:

Even though that might stop my gut aching for a little while, the cultural conditions that support this are growing, and no one is addressing them.

Thanks for your post, Umair.

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