Where is Stephen Miller?

He Has His Hands in Everything Evil and Yet He’s Practically Invisible in the Conversation

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Stephen fucking Miller

This is just a little of Stephen Miller’s work. He must be prosecuted for crimes against the United States and against humanity. He got away with extreme power stealing and hoarding from vulnerable human beings in a democracy for far too long.

Miller wrote the 45th’s 4-year plan (i.e., the inaugural speech):

Miller controlled the 45th’s agenda from the start:

Miller is an authoritarian:

Miller is a white nationalist:

Miller’s white nationalism drove child separations:

Miller’s child separation policy is state-sanctioned torture, say Physicians for Human Rights:

Miller drove ICE:

Miller is responsible for the forced sterilizations by ICE on migrant women:

Miller is responsible for migrant families being separated:

Miller pushed for ALL families at the border to be separated, even those arriving legally:

Miller created the racist Muslim ban:

Miller extended the racist travel ban:

Miller installed white nationalists in the WH:

Miller authored the “1776 Report,” which justifies slavery and the 3/5’s compromise, and advised releasing it on MLK, Jr.’s birthday:

Miller’s purpose was driven by the NRA’s chief white supremacist, Wayne LaPierre:

Miller attempted to overturn a free and fair(-ish) U.S. election by throwing away Black votes:

Miller orchestrated the mostly white riot on the Capitol by manipulating the DHS:

Miller oversaw and arranged for the rioters to enter the Capitol with little law enforcement resistance. (The story will come out soon.)

Miller wrote the 45th’s deeply disingenuous post-impeachment speech:

Miller planned for much worse in a second term:

Miller wrote the 45th’s farewell and “next steps” speech:

Cathy B. Glenn, Ph.D. is an independent critical researcher, creative, and cultural worker whose areas of expertise are power, culture, and change. Formerly Private Principal Investigator for The Center for U.S. Rural Cultures Studies, she is now Educational Content Director and Developer for The Relational Democracy Project. She spent 5 years functionally outside capitalist demands, and it changed her fundamentally as a human being.

Feel free to use this content, with attribution. Reach out at relationaldemocracy@gmail.com

SF Bay Area critical researcher, creative, & cultural worker. Content developer for The Relational Democracy Project relationaldemocracy@gmail.com IG @dr.cbg

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