Yep. That's pretty clear, Umair.

But an economic framework--as humane as yours is--will never, EVER address relational breakdown in the fundamentally emotional mode it needs.

Relations are the basis of everything: they constitute our universe. Relational patterns (what humans call norms, but they exist everywhere in nature) are the basis of change in the universe. Human relational patterns--particularly balanced power relations--are the heart of health for the human species.

"Toxic indifference" is a practice that steals power from those who have to navigate through a world that is aggressively indifferent. The relational goo is a barrier to generating and maintaining forward momentum. Like microaggressions, it's something that's hard to detect (or care about) if you can't feel it to see it.

Toxically indifferent practices are authoritarian and, when they becomes the norm, the social soil becomes so poisonous that it grows the support for humans like the 45th and his team of criminals. (you can see the work here, if you're interested:

We need a shift to a relational paradigm. Every single solution--no matter how brilliant and beautiful--fails and causes more damage if it doesn't take into account the the relations that exist and how those create the enabling conditions--the social soil--into which the solution is planted. Davos Switzerland in 2012 showed us that. (Here's more about enabling conditions, if you're interested:

Thanks for the on-going conversation!

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